Morning, Noon, & Night Chews

Are you looking for hemp infused edibles that can enhance your daily routine?

Minor cannabinoids are making a major impact and we're now shipping them directly to your doorstep!

Our CBN infused sleepy chews are helping customers near and far with maintaining a regular, consistent sleep schedule. The combination of CBD in each chocolate taffy acts as an amplifier for the CBN and melatonin, so for most one 3 gram chew will do!

To follow up with the success of sleepy hemp Cheeba Chews™ has done extensive research and development on additional cannabinoids and their impact on a daily alternative wellness routine.


THCV Charged Mocha Chocolate Taffy

Looking for a subtle, clear headed boost of inspiration? Want to avoid the jitters or crash of high caffeine products? THCV charged hemp chews may just be what you’re looking for. Each piece contains 25mg of CBD and 5mg of THCV to give you those ‘up and at ’em’ vibes.


Trifecta, Be Happy Caramel Taffy

Having a daily routine for your mind is just as important as your body. With so many stressors in today’s world, having a little mental escape is essential. Mind meet Trifecta chews. With an equal blend of CBD:CBG:CBC, you’ll receive an entourage of relief from this powerful cannabinoid combination.

Sleepy Chews Chocolate Taffy

The chew that started the wellness trend. With 25mg of CBD and 5mg of CBN per chew, these chocolate taffy pieces are a wonderful nightcap in your daily ‘wellness in mind’ routine.

It's hip to be Square

How easy will it be to purchase CBD Cheeba Chews™? Really easy.

Having access to the Square processing platform for CBD edibles means your transactions are very simple and very secure.

Summer has been a hot one, and we’ve been sweating out the consumer experience on our website. Many of you saw a change to our check-out process when you went to purchase your (delicious) CBD chews. Starting in March many of the large, mainstream, credit card processors began informing hemp companies that they were making a policy shifts and began closing the accounts of their CBD clients. We were prepared, but with very limited options, were jumping through excessive, complicated, and costly hoops to keep the website up and running.

Those days are behind us.

Welcome Square® to Hemp Chews!

After months of searching, we finally connected with the good people of Square® and were provided the opportunity to join a limited and select group of hemp merchants to begin utilizing their online transaction portal.

Features are continually being added to allow us to offer even more benefits for you, so stop back soon to see updates and announcements. Also take advantage of our end-of-summer sale and get 25% off your order of $50 or more.

Use Coupon Code: EndOfSummer on your check-out page to access 25% off a purchase of $50 or more.

*Coupon only available for consumer purchase only.

Best CBD Edibles To Buy - Hemp Taffy Chews

What makes CBD Infused Taffy So Great?

CBD gummies are a good solution, but we'll break down why our full spectrum hemp chews are even better!

Why do consumers enjoy a CBD Gummy?

The answer to this is relatively straight forward. As consumers, we’re familiar with gummy products as a supplement or vitamin, so we easily process what to expect …. take a gummy (or two) a day and enjoy the benefits.

Why is taffy a better partner for CBD?

This answer is a pretty straight forward as well. Taffy doesn’t melt. In the world of CBD portioning, it’s important to track how much cannabidiol you are consuming to find the maximum benefits. With hemp Cheeba Chews™ each bite-size taffy piece is accurately infused with 25mg of CBD. With the unique viscosity of taffy CBD oil, when stirred appropriately, blends in an extremely consistent manner.

The saying goes “oil and water don’t mix” … well gummy base uses a large amount of water and blending in hemp oil can be a very delicate process. Great companies (like our THC green hornet gummy partners) know how to do it well, but with the proliferation of CBD edible companies popping up all over, the market is seeing an inconsistent performance in consumer satisfaction.

Why should Hemp Chews be your go-to CBD edible?

Another really straight forward answer here. We know what we’re doing, because we’ve been doing it for a decade. In 2009, the very beginning stages of a medical cannabis market in Colorado, the first Cheeba Chew™ was created. Ten years later the brand is still a staple of an entire industry. We’ve brought the same team of experts and consistent processes to the hemp world, while adding one of the hemp industry’s most credible grower and extraction team, in Elite Botanicals. Our consumers are enjoying the true benefits of full spectrum CBD edibles, returning on a regular basis to enjoy hemp chews.

What to expect from your CBD edible.

If you’ve tried CBD infused products and didn’t experience the benefits you had hoped for, don’t give up on the true value of cannabidiol, just evaluate the quality of the brand(s) you consumed. Are they using isolate or full/broad spectrum oil? What are their serving sizes? Do they provide you with easy to understand lab test results? These are important criterias to use when deciding what products to enjoy, and we check the box on our standards in all of those categories.

  • We use full spectrum CBD oil.
  • We provide a healthy 25mg of CBD in each chew.
  • We test with a third-party lab for serving consistency and product purity.

Believe in the power of CBD with a trusted partner like Cheeba Chews™. We got chew.

Low Calorie CBD Edibles To The Rescue

Don't worry about counting calories!

While we pack a boatload of CBD into each bite-size taffy (25mg), we keep the calorie count low, so you can enjoy the experience (and even a little extra).

Oh chocolate taffy, you look so delicious sitting there with your strawberry, caramel, sour apple, and orange cream friends. I’d love to have just a bite, but I’m disciplined and don’t want a bunch of extra calories to go with my CBD consumption.

What’s that you say? One hemp chew offers a strong serving of CBD, but very little calories per piece?! Count me in.

The Cheeba Chews™ family of products is known for consistency, potency, discretion, and your absolute enjoyment. So while each small taffy piece offers a range of just 10-12 calories, depending on the flavor you chews, we ensure it still tastes great. If portion control is important to you, we provide our servings in individual trays so you know exactly how much CBD you’re consuming, in order to gauge how many chews are necessary for your desired results.

Not only is each individual taffy piece low in calories, but they’re also gluten and peanut free. Our chocolate and caramel chews do have dairy in them, but none of our fruit flavor taffy (strawberry, sour apple, orange cream) contain any dairy.

No matter what your taste, need, or desire is, we got chew! Order your hemp CBD infused Cheeba Chews™ today!

Hemp CBD Oil - Full Spectrum vs Isolate

How does CBD Oil work best?

CBD Isolate strips out all other cannabinoids, while Full Spectrum Oil combines necessary elements of the hemp plant to help maximize the impact of cannabidiol.

Many of our customers, looking for more information on the benefits of and ironing out the complexities in hemp derived CBD products, regularly ask us a similar question:

Which is better, isolate or full spectrum CBD oil?

There really isn’t a debate here, just a matter of technical application. There are many companies, mostly focused in the pre-2018 Farm Bill, who stripped all other cannabinoids out of their hemp extract and used CBD exclusively for their infused edible products. This approach is just fine, and you do get your allotment of CBD, which is incredibly valuable, but the hemp plant produces a wide spectrum of other cannabinoids that compliment, enhance, and depend on each other for maximum benefits to be enjoyed.

At Hemp Cheeba Chews™, our priority is to bring the decade of experience infusing our taffy edibles into the hemp derived CBD marketplace. We know how important a broad spectrum of cannabinoids is to the impact of CBD and we hold an incredibly high standard in ensuring your edible experience is beneficial and helpful, no matter the need or desire. For those reasons, we include the variety of (low grade, legally allowed) THC, CBN, CBG, CBC and other cannabinoids that interact and enhance the performance of CBD.

So why do hemp chews perform better than the competition? It’s our simple philosophy of ensuring you receive the right hemp oil extract, infused consistently, in a healthy serving size of 25mg.


Great Tasting CBD Edibles

Why should your hemp CBD edible taste matter?

If you're consuming CBD daily, you need to enjoy the experience.

When hemp CBD Cheeba Chews™ launched, we thought long and hard about the serving and flavor variety we should provide. With a decade of experience infusing taffy, we relied on our long standing customer base to provide critical feedback on what tastes you would enjoy the most.

Reliable and constructive feedback led us to delivering a launch of 4 flavors: Chocolate, Strawberry, Caramel, and Sour Apple. Why these 4? Because of each flavor provides a distinct, memorable taste and we understand every person has a unique preference.

Whether you enjoy a rich chocolate, a sweet strawberry, a buttery smooth caramel, or a crisp sour apple taste, we got chew. This matters most when you consume cannabidiol on a daily basis. You don’t want to dread your CBD experience, and we believe you will enjoy every bite-sized piece of your chews.

Hemp Seed To Sale

Where Does Our Hemp Extract Come From?

It begins in the fields of Colorado, stops in our extraction lab, and goes straight into our hemp chews.

One of the great advantages of purchasing hemp CBD Cheeba Chews™ is knowing the origins of your CBD extract.

The team that is in the kitchen mixing up batches of taffy infused with hemp derived cannabidiol, is part of the same group that is also organically growing and harvesting the hemp CBD plants. Our full-spectrum oil is seeded in the fields of Colorado, and when the hemp plants are fully mature and ready, they are expertly extracted and fractionally distilled as part of an in-line process that ensures our award-winning chews have a direct pipeline from hemp seeding to hemp chew sales.

With 3rd party lab testing at the flower, oil, and edible stage, Cheeba Chews™ is maintaining a long practiced standard for edible consistency and dependability. We’re making sure to provide a CBD edible that will work best for you and your personalized needs.

Taste the difference today.

Hemp CBD Oil Infused Taffy Edibles Cheeba Chews

Why Infused Taffy Edibles?

Why CBD Infused Taffy Is Best.

With extended shelf life, and unique viscosity, taffy is the ideal partner for hemp cbd oil.

With a wide range of options available on the hemp CBD infused edible market, why would you choose a taffy product? We’re glad you asked, and with a decade of experience infusing edible products, we know a thing or two about blending ingredients.

In 2009, the first Cheeba Chew™ was created, and it was from an urgent need to create an industry standard for consistency. At the time there were a variety of “weed brownie” type edibles, but nothing that gave consumers a predictable and reliable experience. Enter chocolate taffy, and the rest is history! Blending a high potency concentration of cannabis extract with the thick, but soft taffy consistency created a bond and even distribution of the oil that held form, even in warm temperatures.

With our Hemp Cheeba Chews™ taffy recipe, you no longer have to worry about baked good expiring, or your gummy/chocolate product melting together. Enjoy a reliable, consistent CBD experience today.

Organic USA grown hemp derived CBD

What is CBD?

Hey, what is CBD?

Let's break down hemp derived CBD and how it interacts with your body.

We use Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract from organically grown hemp plants and through 3rd party lab testing, make sure there is 25mg of CBD in every one of our bite-sized edibles. But what actually IS CBD and why do we care so much about it??

Great question.

CBD is a naturally occurring compound found in the flowers and leaves of the hemp plant. It is actually one of many cannabinoids found in hemp. It is believed that CBD works better if its cannabinoid friends are present which is why we use full-spectrum hemp extract. You get all the goodies in our award-winning taffy treats.

CBD works with each individual’s unique endocannabinoid system in different ways. People choose to incorporate CBD into their daily routine for many reasons. Why do you take CBD? Tell us and tag us on instagram @hempchews. We’d love to hear from you!