What's in Your Hemp CBD Edibles?

How Much Do You Know About Your CBD Oil?

Get up close and personal with our star ingredient: full-spectrum hemp extract.

Transparency is important to us, so we’re not hiding anything in our Hemp Chews. We use only the highest quality, organic hemp, grown in the fields of Colorado. From that, we get the drippy ooey gooey goodness that is full-spectrum CBD oil. This liquid gold goes into our Hemp Chews and gives you 25mg of CBD per serving along with other beneficial cannabinoids and flavonoids found in full-spectrum hemp.

We use organic alcohol as the primary step in our hemp flower extraction process for the following reasons:

  • Sustainability – There is less environmental impact to the use of organic ethanol as the primary solvent due to the size and power consumption associated with the use of CO2 extraction systems.
  • Efficiency – using the same organic ethanol to do the primary extraction as
    well as the winterization/filtration saves time and effort while producing the same output.
  • End Product – regardless of the primary solvent used in the initial step of the
    process, once we are fractionally distilling the oil, it produces the same premium quality final end product.

You’re only as good as your ingredients, and we’re feeling mighty fine.

Introducing...Hemp CBD Cheeba Chews

Introducing...hemp cheeba chews

Now that our Hemp Chews have launched, we thought it was time for you to be properly introduced.

Chocolate: The original Cheeba Chew, this award-winning chewy chocolate taffy recipe is infused with full-spectrum hemp-derived CBD. With just 10 calories per serving, these original edibles are both gluten and peanut free.

Strawberry: Known as one of the industry’s best tasting recipes, this sweet strawberry flavor taffy has won awards for its flavor and consistency. Strawberry fruit chews have just 11 calories per 25mg serving and are dairy, gluten, and peanut free.

Sour Apple: A tart and tasty green apple flavor taffy makes for a great alternative to grandma’s apple pie. Each CBD infused edible has just 11 calories and the recipe is dairy, gluten, and peanut free!

Caramel: A creamy, buttery caramel chew that compliments the hemp-derived CBD in each bite-sized piece. Savory and sweet, this hemp infused edible has just 12 calories per 25mg serving and is gluten and peanut free.

All of our delicious chews contain 25mg of CBD per chew. We use full-spectrum hemp extract from organic hemp grown right here in the USA. What’s not to love?

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Hemp Cheeba Chews Have Arrived

Hemp Cheeba Chews Have Arrived

Over here at Cheeba Chews, we've been (im)patiently waiting to share our newest brand with the world.

That day has finally come, and now you get to experience the delicious taffy secret that we’ve been keeping.

Now some of you may be thinking, ‘why Hemp CBD’? Cheeba Chews has been an industry leader in the cannabis world since 2009. Why would we want to try something new? If it’s not broke, don’t fix it, right? WRONG. While our cannabis infused chews continue to make people happy in legalized states, we wanted a way to reach EVERYONE. Now, with Hemp Cheeba Chews, we can bring our amazingly chewy and delicious recipes right to your doorstep with CBD edibles. How sweet is that?!

With our Hemp Chews, you can expect some of the best tasting CBD products available. We’ve got award winning recipes chock full of a whopping 25mg of CBD per chew from full-spectrum hemp extract. We also independently lab test every batch so you can experience the consistency and safety that has always been trusted in the cannabis world.

We can’t wait for you to try them!

Let us know what you think, tag us @hempchews and use #HempChews!

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