What makes CBD Infused Taffy So Great?

CBD gummies are a good solution, but we'll break down why our full spectrum hemp chews are even better!

Why do consumers enjoy a CBD Gummy?

The answer to this is relatively straight forward. As consumers, we’re familiar with gummy products as a supplement or vitamin, so we easily process what to expect …. take a gummy (or two) a day and enjoy the benefits.

Why is taffy a better partner for CBD?

This answer is a pretty straight forward as well. Taffy doesn’t melt. In the world of CBD portioning, it’s important to track how much cannabidiol you are consuming to find the maximum benefits. With hemp Cheeba Chews™ each bite-size taffy piece is accurately infused with 25mg of CBD. With the unique viscosity of taffy CBD oil, when stirred appropriately, blends in an extremely consistent manner.

The saying goes “oil and water don’t mix” … well gummy base uses a large amount of water and blending in hemp oil can be a very delicate process. Great companies (like our THC green hornet gummy partners) know how to do it well, but with the proliferation of CBD edible companies popping up all over, the market is seeing an inconsistent performance in consumer satisfaction.

Why should Hemp Chews be your go-to CBD edible?

Another really straight forward answer here. We know what we’re doing, because we’ve been doing it for a decade. In 2009, the very beginning stages of a medical cannabis market in Colorado, the first Cheeba Chew™ was created. Ten years later the brand is still a staple of an entire industry. We’ve brought the same team of experts and consistent processes to the hemp world, while adding one of the hemp industry’s most credible grower and extraction team, in Elite Botanicals. Our consumers are enjoying the true benefits of full spectrum CBD edibles, returning on a regular basis to enjoy hemp chews.

What to expect from your CBD edible.

If you’ve tried CBD infused products and didn’t experience the benefits you had hoped for, don’t give up on the true value of cannabidiol, just evaluate the quality of the brand(s) you consumed. Are they using isolate or full/broad spectrum oil? What are their serving sizes? Do they provide you with easy to understand lab test results? These are important criterias to use when deciding what products to enjoy, and we check the box on our standards in all of those categories.

  • We use full spectrum CBD oil.
  • We provide a healthy 25mg of CBD in each chew.
  • We test with a third-party lab for serving consistency and product purity.

Believe in the power of CBD with a trusted partner like Cheeba Chews™. We got chew.