How does CBD Oil work best?

CBD Isolate strips out all other cannabinoids, while Full Spectrum Oil combines necessary elements of the hemp plant to help maximize the impact of cannabidiol.

Many of our customers, looking for more information on the benefits of and ironing out the complexities in hemp derived CBD products, regularly ask us a similar question:

Which is better, isolate or full spectrum CBD oil?

There really isn’t a debate here, just a matter of technical application. There are many companies, mostly focused in the pre-2018 Farm Bill, who stripped all other cannabinoids out of their hemp extract and used CBD exclusively for their infused edible products. This approach is just fine, and you do get your allotment of CBD, which is incredibly valuable, but the hemp plant produces a wide spectrum of other cannabinoids that compliment, enhance, and depend on each other for maximum benefits to be enjoyed.

At Hemp Cheeba Chews™, our priority is to bring the decade of experience infusing our taffy edibles into the hemp derived CBD marketplace. We know how important a broad spectrum of cannabinoids is to the impact of CBD and we hold an incredibly high standard in ensuring your edible experience is beneficial and helpful, no matter the need or desire. For those reasons, we include the variety of (low grade, legally allowed) THC, CBN, CBG, CBC and other cannabinoids that interact and enhance the performance of CBD.

So why do hemp chews perform better than the competition? It’s our simple philosophy of ensuring you receive the right hemp oil extract, infused consistently, in a healthy serving size of 25mg.