Where Does Our Hemp Extract Come From?

It begins in the fields of Colorado, stops in our extraction lab, and goes straight into our hemp chews.

One of the great advantages of purchasing hemp CBD Cheeba Chews™ is knowing the origins of your CBD extract.

The team that is in the kitchen mixing up batches of taffy infused with hemp derived cannabidiol, is part of the same group that is also organically growing and harvesting the hemp CBD plants. Our full-spectrum oil is seeded in the fields of Colorado, and when the hemp plants are fully mature and ready, they are expertly extracted and fractionally distilled as part of an in-line process that ensures our award-winning chews have a direct pipeline from hemp seeding to hemp chew sales.

With 3rd party lab testing at the flower, oil, and edible stage, Cheeba Chews™ is maintaining a long practiced standard for edible consistency and dependability. We’re making sure to provide a CBD edible that will work best for you and your personalized needs.

Taste the difference today.