Don't worry about counting calories!

While we pack a boatload of CBD into each bite-size taffy (25mg), we keep the calorie count low, so you can enjoy the experience (and even a little extra).

Oh chocolate taffy, you look so delicious sitting there with your strawberry, caramel, sour apple, and orange cream friends. I’d love to have just a bite, but I’m disciplined and don’t want a bunch of extra calories to go with my CBD consumption.

What’s that you say? One hemp chew offers a strong serving of CBD, but very little calories per piece?! Count me in.

The Cheeba Chews™ family of products is known for consistency, potency, discretion, and your absolute enjoyment. So while each small taffy piece offers a range of just 10-12 calories, depending on the flavor you chews, we ensure it still tastes great. If portion control is important to you, we provide our servings in individual trays so you know exactly how much CBD you’re consuming, in order to gauge how many chews are necessary for your desired results.

Not only is each individual taffy piece low in calories, but they’re also gluten and peanut free. Our chocolate and caramel chews do have dairy in them, but none of our fruit flavor taffy (strawberry, sour apple, orange cream) contain any dairy.

No matter what your taste, need, or desire is, we got chew! Order your hemp CBD infused Cheeba Chews™ today!