Hey, what is CBD?

Let's break down hemp derived CBD and how it interacts with your body.

We use Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract from organically grown hemp plants and through 3rd party lab testing, make sure there is 25mg of CBD in every one of our bite-sized edibles. But what actually IS CBD and why do we care so much about it??

Great question.

CBD is a naturally occurring compound found in the flowers and leaves of the hemp plant. It is actually one of many cannabinoids found in hemp. It is believed that CBD works better if its cannabinoid friends are present which is why we use full-spectrum hemp extract. You get all the goodies in our award-winning taffy treats.

CBD works with each individual’s unique endocannabinoid system in different ways. People choose to incorporate CBD into their daily routine for many reasons. Why do you take CBD? Tell us and tag us on instagram @hempchews. We’d love to hear from you!