Why CBD Infused Taffy Is Best.

With extended shelf life, and unique viscosity, taffy is the ideal partner for hemp cbd oil.

With a wide range of options available on the hemp CBD infused edible market, why would you choose a taffy product? We’re glad you asked, and with a decade of experience infusing edible products, we know a thing or two about blending ingredients.

In 2009, the first Cheeba Chew™ was created, and it was from an urgent need to create an industry standard for consistency. At the time there were a variety of “weed brownie” type edibles, but nothing that gave consumers a predictable and reliable experience. Enter chocolate taffy, and the rest is history! Blending a high potency concentration of cannabis extract with the thick, but soft taffy consistency created a bond and even distribution of the oil that held form, even in warm temperatures.

With our Hemp Cheeba Chews™ taffy recipe, you no longer have to worry about baked good expiring, or your gummy/chocolate product melting together. Enjoy a reliable, consistent CBD experience today.